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"The feeling of struggling and not being able to understand is painful, and I know firsthand what it's like. After learning I had dyslexia, I worked hard to overcome academic struggles. After discovering the Barton system and using it to help myself and others succeed, I am a wholehearted believer that it is an incredibly effective system. The results I've experienced and witnessed have been transformative. I am passionate about sharing this discovery with others and offering them a fresh start."                                      Abbie Niehausen

Certified Barton Tutor

                Founder of Fresh Start Tutoring

Certified Barton Tutor

Abbie Niehausen

Certified Barton Tutor

BA in Liberal Studies and California Teaching Credential from

Dominican University of California

Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher at North Bay Christian Academy

Founder of Fresh Start Learning Tutoring Services

Abbie Niehausen is a certified Barton tutor, passionate about reaching struggling individuals with the Barton Reading and Spelling System and giving them the essential tools they need to succeed. Abbie knows first hand what it feels like to struggle, work hard, overcome and succeed.


When Abbie was 16 she was diagnosed with dyslexia. She worked diligently to overcome this challenge and in 2005 graduated as valedictorian.  Abbie attended Dominican University of California and learned through the Liberal Studies/teacher education courses how to cultivate her natural gifting as an educator. In 2009, she graduated Magna Cum Laude and was selected as the class speaker for the commencement ceremony.


Since 2009, she has worked at North Bay Christian Academy as a Kindergarten/First Grade teacher. Abbie has been tutoring, using the Barton Reading and Spelling System since 2014 and recently gained certification.

Abbie is passionate about helping struggling individuals find hope, encouragement and success.

Abbie has been a wonderful tutor. Our son was diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, and some auditory processing issues. He has been in tutoring a little over a year and was on Honor Roll all four quarters this year. There has been a huge improvement in his academics!


Joy- Mom of a second grader



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