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Fresh start learning is a tutoring business that specializes in equipping individuals struggling with reading, writing and spelling by giving them the essential tools they need to succeed.


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If you or someone you know, struggles with reading, writing or spelling and would like help in overcoming these struggles, there is hope. 

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START succeeding.


The Barton Spelling and Reading System can help provide the support and tools an individual needs to become a fluent reader. Not only does it offer tools for academic success, but as students progress through the program, it also helps build confidence and self esteem.



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Your Potential.


Many people who struggle with  dyslexia are extremely bright, but need specialized support to overcome their learning disibility. Dyslexia is the most common reason a bright child will struggle with spelling, writing, or reading. But it affects many other areas as well. 

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Many people spend their whole lives struggling with reading and learn to compensate accordingly, but that does NOT need to be YOUR story!       Take the steps necessary to change your story and transform your life. Confidence and success are within your reach, all you need is a Fresh Start.

Abbie has been a wonderful tutor. Our son was diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, and some auditory processing issues. He has been in tutoring a little over a year and was on Honor Roll all four quarters this year. There has been a huge improvement in his academics!

 Joy- Mom of a Second Grader





Abbie has been invaluable. My daughter was late to be diagnosed with dyslexia and being older she was quite frustrated with having to take the time for extra tutoring as well. After one visit she was more than happy to continue for another year. For the first time she could begin to decode longer words and work them out. The results were immediate.

Eva- Mom of a Eighth Grader



We are so happy to have found Abbie as a tutor for our daughter.  She comes home feeling excited about her progress and ready to put all she has learned into her school work.  We are eager to see continued progress as we go forward and feel that Abbie is an excellent tutor to help with her success!

Shelley- Mom of a Third Grader


Certified Barton Tutor
















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